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Distribution and production of components for mechanical engineering. We cooperate with suppliers from all over the world. We have two very well-stocked warehouses in Toruń and Dąbrowa Górnicza, thanks to which we ensure fast delivery times.

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Discover Mercotac electrical connectors!

High quality, patented and manufactured in the USA

Mercotac products have an electrical connection with extremely low resistance because the electrical conduction path is a liquid metal that is molecularly bonded to the contacts. It is constant and unchanging throughout the life of the rotary electrical connector.

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Wide range

We are familiar with the specifics of industrial sectors, every day we talk to our customers about what to do to make their work more efficient, more effective and better. That's why we offer more than 150,000 mechanical engineering components.

Reliability of performance

Reliability of performance is a key issue for companies that use machines in their production process on a daily basis. This is why we place particular emphasis on the quality and faultlessness of the products we offer.


As an industry leader, we know how important it is to know the specifics of your equipment. Drawing on our experience, dating back to 1998, we can offer products tailored to your needs and expectations.